About ECPA

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Live theater has an immensely positive

impact on an individual’s life and

relationship to the community.







Elmhurst Centre for Performing Arts (ECPA) has the primary goal of creating dynamic cultural center in the heart of Elmhurst – a long-term investment for the community.

  • ECPA will build and operate a flexible, multi-space facility providing much-needed space and resources to performance arts groups.
  • Our goal is to serve our community with high-quality programming in theater, music, dance, comedy, and more.
  • Quality productions will provide enjoyable entertainment and artistic culture for the entire community.
  • ECPA will provide educational and training programs, designed to nurturing professionalism and further artistic development.

What ECPA Will Look Like

ECPA will feature a large theater (400+ seats with additional 50-100 flex seats), a smaller theater (80-100 seats) and a training center, all housed in a contemporary, state-of-the-art facility.

  • Two state-of-the-art theaters that can host a variety of performance types and audience sizes.
  • Vibrant open lobby area with a window linking the community with ECPA.
  • Onsite bar and catering kitchen for private/corporate events.
  • Additional small stage and seating in environmentally responsible green rooftop
  • Training center for classes in music, drama, comedy not available through other Elmhurst groups.
  • Location close to Elmhurst City Centre for patron dining and entertainment.

ECPA will host performances for local theater troupes such as Greenman Theatre and Elmhurst Children’s Theatre as well as those from local dance studios, schools, comedy troupes, touring shows and much more. We will also offer space for special events to Elmhurst resident arts organizations such as the Elmhurst Symphony Orchestra and Elmhurst Choral Union.

ECPA will benefit local artists, Elmhurst businesses, and the community. We hope you will join us on this exciting journey toward creating a performing arts hub in the heart of downtown Elmhurst!